Mum's Steak and Kidney Pie
The Most Delicious Meat Pie in The World

1 lb Braising Steak cut in small pieces
1 Lambs Kidney cut in small pieces
1 Small Onion cut in small pieces
1 teaspoon Salt
1 oz Bisto Gravy Powder
Cover in enough water to cover, cook slowly till tender


200 (8 ozs) grams Self Raising Flour
4 ozs Lard
Rub in, untill like fine bread crumbs. Little water to mix, cut in half.
Flour Board and roll out, grease the bottom of a deep dish.
Put in bottom and then the meat, just add some stock to cover meat, cover with the other half of pastry
Roll out pastry as below cut out and roll up to make a rose in the middle
And cook for hour (electric 160 in oven)

Pastry Rose

Home Made Wine Recipes

Elderberry Wine

5.1/2 lb Fruit
3.1/2 lb Sugar
I Gallon Water
1/2 oz Mixed Spice
1/2 oz Yeast

Boil berries until they dimple, strain until they are quite dry . Put Liquor to boil adding spices and sugar, leave to boil for one hour, when luke warm work with yeast on toast, leave for 3 or 4 days , skim, strain and then bottle.

Ginger Pop

1 oz Whole Ginger
3/4 lb Lump Sugar
1/2 oz Cream of Tarter
I Gallon Boiling Water
1/2 oz yeast
Slice of Toast

Bruise Ginger, place it with sugar and cream of Tarter in a bowl big enough to hold a gallon of water. Pour boiling water on ingredients and when cool add yeast on Toast. Stand for 12 hours. Strain through cloth into bottles, cork very tightly, can be used in three days.

Lemonade Essense

2 lb Lump Sugar
I Pint Water
1 teaspoon Lemon Essence
1 oz Citric Acid

Boil Sugar in water until dissolved. Mix Lemon and Citric Acid in a teacup of cold water , add to the liquid when cool (Sugar Liquid ) Dilute to taste.

Gooseberry Wine

4 lb Fruit
1 Gallon Water
3lb Sugar

Well bruise the Gooseberries and let them stand in water for three or four days. Strain then add sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, bottle.

Blackberry Wine

4 quarts fruit
3.1/2 lb sugar
1 lb Raisins
Peel and Juice of 1.1/2 lemons
1/2 oz Yeast on slice of Toast

Boil fruit, strain, then add sugar, raisins and Lemons. Leave with Yeast on Toast for 2 days . Cork when fermentation has finished.

Blackcurrent Wine

4.1/2 lbs Fruit
1 Pint Raspberries
1 lb Brandy Cherries
5 lb Sugar
1 Gallon Water

Mash currents and cherries. Dissove sugar in water, add fruit and strain through sieve. Bottle.

Dandelion Wine

I Gallon fresh gathered flowers
I Gallon Water
1/2 Lemon Rind
4 lbs Sugar
1 oz Yeast

Pour boiling water on Flowers and peel, let it stand for two weeks. Strain off add sugar and yeast, and let it ferment. When it has finished working, Bottle.


1/4 oz essence of capsicum
1/4 oz essence of Ginger
5 drops essence of Lemon
1/2 oz of Citric Acid
2 lb Sugar
2.1/2 Pints of Water

Bring Water to Boil add sugar, when cool add other ingredients. dilute to taste.

Rhubarb Brandy

6lb Rhubarb
6 egg shells
1 Gallon Cold Water
4 lb Sugar
1/2 lb Raisins

Peel Rhubarb cut up small and weigh, cover with water in bowl, add roughly chopped Raisins. Leave for two weeks. stirring and squeezing Rhubarb daily. Squeeze out Rhubarb, but leave Raisins, add sugar and eggshells pulled to bits. Allow to ferment for 1 week. Skim, strain, and bottle.

Rhubarb Wine

5 lb Rhubarb
1 Lemon
4 lbs Lump Sugar
1/2 oz Isinglass
1 Gallon Cold Water

Cut Rhubarb into small pieces, put in bowl and bruise. Pour water in and stand for three days, stirring occasionally each day. Strain, add Sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the Rind and Juice of Lemon, also the Isinglass (Dissolve Isinglass in hot water first) Stand for 6 days, skim and strain, bottle and cork after 2 weeks.

Plum Port

4 lbs Damsons
1 Gallon Boiling Water
4 lbs Sugar

Pour water over Damsons, leave until the next day, squeeze and stir daily for 5 days Then strain, stir in sugar and add 1 cupfull boiling water and leave to ferment for 8 days then skim and bottle.

Lemon Pop

1.1/2 lbs sugar
Juice and Rind of at least one lemon
2 Tablespoons of White Wine Vinegar
One Gallon of Cold Water

Allow the ingrediants to stand in a bowl for 24 hours, squeeze the lemon pieces and stir in remaining Sugar. Strain into bottles. screwing stoppers tightly at once.

Parsnip Wine

5 lbs Parsnips
4 lbs Sugar
1 Gallon Water
I Orange 1 Lemon
1 oz Yeast, Slice of toast

Wash parsnips Don't peel, slice and place in pan with water , cook until tender, Strain liquid into bowl with sugar, Orange and Lemon Stir until sugar dissolved then place warm toast on top with the yeast on it. Leave for 10 days or so before bottling. cork lightly for eight weeks. Keep for 6 months before using.

Grape Wine

6 lbs Grapes (Black or White )
4 lbs Sugar
1 Gallon Water

Bruise grapes and cover with 1 Gallon cold water, stir and mash each day for 7 days Then strain, Boil up 1 pint and stir in sugar until dissolved, add rest of liquid, cover and keep in a warm place to ferment for 14 days Then skim, strain and bottle, corking lightly until all hissing ceases, then put corks in tight.

Orange Wine

1 dozen large Oranges
1 Lemon
1 Gallon water
3.1/2 lbs sugar

Wash Oranges, slice them peel included, put into a bowl and pour 1 gallon boiling water over them. Cover with cloth and stand for 1 week, stirring each day . Strain heat up 1 pint and stir in sugar till dissolved then add to the remainder. Pour into bottles cork lightly until wine has finished working then seal tightly. Ready in 4 months.

Green grapes wine

4 lbs Green grapes
4 lbs Sugar

Mash grapes in gallon of cold water and leave for 10 days. Strain add sugar and leave to ferment, for 14 days, Skim, Strain and bottle.

Cherry Brandy

1 lb Sugar
1 lb Morella Cherries

Place a layer of Cherries, then a layer of sugar. Then repeat until Jar is full . Stopper down and leave for 4 months, strain of liquid and bottle. Small quantity of Brandy can be added if required.

Ginger Beer

Put the ginger "plant" in a jar with 4 cups of cold water and 2 teaspoonsfull each of ground ginger and sugar. Then every day, feed with one teaspoonfull each of ground ginger and sugar

After a week strain the whole thing through muslin (its a cloudy looking liquid) , add 18 cupfulls of cold water and 3 cups of sugar that has been dissolved in 4 cups of boiling water. Add the juice of 2 lemons. Then bottle ( 6 - 8 pints ) preferably in ginger beer or screw top bottles, screw the caps in lightly and leave for a fortnight.

Meanwhile scrape the plant out of the muslin into the original jar and add 4 cups of water. Now divide the mixture in half, you must divide the plant every week or it will die ! Add 2 teaspoonfull each of ginger and sugar to each of the jars and feed daily as before.

Here is a recipe for a Nice Cheese Dip
to go with your wine when you have made it.

3/4 lb Cottage Cheese
1/4 pint Cream
2 - 3 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons Tartare Sauce
1/4 lb Shredded Cheese
6 Chopped Onions very small

Mix all the ingrediants together and allow to set.

If you want a Fish Dip leave out the onions and put in a small tin of Prawns or shrimps.

And a few old and easy Cake Recipes

Toss in Cake

Toss in order into Mixing Bowl

8 ozs Self Raising Flour
4 ozs Castor Sugar
12 ozs Mixed Fruit
2 Eggs Not Beaten
4 ozs Melted Margarine
3/4 cup Milk
Pinch of Salt (Vanilla or Almond Essence if required )

Beat together all ingrediants for several minutes turn into tin and bake in oven (Reg 2) for two hours

Gala Cake

8 ozs Marg or Butter
8 ozs Caster Sugar
5 eggs
10 ozs Self Raising Flour
1 Tablespoon Baking Powder ( if plain flour is used )
8 ozs Cherries (Glace)
8 ozs Mixed Peel
4 ozs Chopped Walnuts
4 ozs Chopped Almond
4 ozs Crystallised Pineapple
Grated Rind of 1 Lemon
Few drops of Vanilla or Almond Essence

Prepare 8 inch tin by lining with Brown Paper then 3 layers of greased paper. Cream fat and sugar add eegs one at a time beating well after each addition until mixture is stiff and uniform. Sift flour, have fruit and nuts prpared, cherries cut in halves, Pineapple coursely chopped and mixed peel, sprinkle a little flour over them, mix well, fold the rest of the flour into creamed mixture add fruit and nuts grated Lemon Rind and Mix well.
Bake at Gas Reg2 for 2 - 3 hours until firm in center and slightly shrunk from the edge of the tin.

Lemon Sponge Cake

4 oz Margarine
4 oz Castor Sugar
4 oz Self Raising Flour
1 level teasponn Baking Powder
2 Eggs
A little Lemon Juice
and Grated Rind of a Lemon (Optional)

Cream Marg and Sugar and then add flour and eggs. Beat until Light and Creamy and then add Lemon Juice and Peel. Line tin with Greaseproof Paper and cook in a moderate oven - Mark 3 or 4 for approx 25 - 30 minutes.


Mix Lemon Juice and Icing Sugar to a fairly running consistency and pour over cake, when cool. Decorate with Cherries and Walnuts.
Note :- A Round Sponge will need 6 oz Sugar, Marg and Flour and 3 Eggs.

Easy Fruit Cake

12 ozs Mixed Fruit
4 ozs Sugar
4 ozs Butter or Marg
1/4 pint Water 2 Eggs
8 ozs Self Raising Flour

Place Fruit, Sugar, Marg and Water in Pan, simmer slowly with Lid on for 20 minutes

llow to cool then add beaten Egg and stir in flour.
Turn into a greased 6 inch tin.
Bake for 1.1/2 hours at No 2.

Grantham Ginger Breads

Makes 24 biscuits
4 ozs Butter or Margarine
4 ozs Castor Sugar
4 ozs Self Raising Flour
2 level teaspoons ground ginger

Cream fat and sugar until slightly softening.
Add ginger and then flour and make into s stiff dough.
Roll into little balls about half the size of a golf ball.
Put these on ungreased baking sheet, well apart and bake at gas mark 2 for about 3/4 hour in the lower part of the oven.

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