Wing Commander K. H. Wallis with his
two seater autogyro

This is a proposition that could really take off in the global environment. For some time now I have been working trying to find a person or group to mass produce Ken Wallis's autogyro, The Wallis WA.116 Autogyro, I really think that this could be "THE MACHINE FOR THE MILLENNIUM", it could also make "PERSONAL AVIATION" the buzzwords of the Millennium. The Wallis WA 116 Autogyro is a fantastic small flying machine (which featured in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice), very safe and stable but quite fast and fun, as a product in this field it must be second to none, the pedigree has been developed over the last 50 years and currently holding 9 world records.

Marketed on the Internet world-wide I think this machine would have a terrific future, in some countries where they have not established a really good road infrastructure (China for instance maybe some Archipelagos, countries that have difficult terrain), I think it could become the Model T of The Millennium. I think that it is in these environments a mass produced autogyro could really take-off, it has a very short takeoff and landing capability, can be flown very slowly, it is great fun to fly, has hundreds of uses. I suggest that at the moment there is a tremendous opportunity to seize, to mass-produce The Wallis WA.116 Autogyro. As you can see from the photo of the Autogyro without the nacelle the machine is very simple, there is a basic frame and engine, the magic has been in the development that Ken has refined over the last 50 years. I think that you could mass-produce these machines for less than the price of a motorbike.

Marketed on the Internet these Autogyros, I think would sell massively! Imagine the interest with the machine and a display with the world records the stable holds and video footage of Little Nellie in The James Bond film You Only Live Twice. Maybe the new Wallis S-CAPE Autogyro could make an attempt to bring the height record back to Britain with a new Supercharged engine. One of the accessories could be a futuristic Autogyro carrying trailer.

One of the hard things in the past when you were flying was navigation, but with the advent of GPS this has become a lot simpler, you simply input in your destination, wind speed and direction and the GPS computes your course. This would make personal aviation a lot more attractive proposition. I have been asking my friends about them and have had a very positive response, there are a possible 5 people that have expressed a very firm interest in them. One would like to fly from Havering to his work in Thurrock, one who is a freefall photographer and commutes between Colchester and an airfield in Kent, myself who have always looked at the sky when sitting in traffic jams and wondered why there can't be a cheap alternative to the car.

There has been wide spread interest from military contacts in the past and here it is that I think there may be a massive market world-wide for a mass produced Autogyro that is sold and serviced like a motor car not only for Personal Aviation but also in the Police and Military fields. Imagine how useful these machines could be in countries like Africa and Australia and in Island Archipelagos where they could be used for island hopping. They could be the new motor bikes of the air.

Militarily it has the capability to give air potential to every soldier, it is capable of carrying two machine guns or four air to ground missiles, you could put a 100 soldiers in the air with an immense fire power capability and still get change from the price of one helicopter. I think for this reason alone it could revolutionise some areas of combat. With the increasing miniaturisation of much equipment in surveillance and camera work and the fact that it is such a stable and low vibration aircraft the roles it can fill are increasing daily. I have a long list of military and police trials that these aircraft have successfully completed. Several armed forces have expressed an interest in buying it, if it came into production. The German armed forces have expressed an interest in buying 100 production machines. It has a very low operating cost, there are no lifed components like a helicopter, low fuel consumption, it has a very small vital area, together with a low thermal & radar signature. I think that it is here on military sales that the added value on sales could be the greatest.

I hope that this information conveys a little of the potential that I feel this machine has to offer, and I would love to have a meeting with you to talk about these ideas and further expand on what I feel could be a tremendous opportunity for all of us.

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